I have an Interface (IF1) with security Level 0.

This one connects to a Firwall where the network is located and the gateway to this is On this network is a Server with IP I can ping from the Server the interface on the ASA.

Ping - works.

But from another interface (IF2) on the asa (VLAN 168) Security Level 100. Their is no response when I try to ping the Server

Is their a route needed ?

The other firewall also provides a webseite to login to VPN. is the IP.

Will the route

route IF2

work ?

the server is able to reach this website. I want the hosts on IF1 also to be able to reach it.

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You probably don’t have a route back. The gateway at doesn’t know how to get back to your internal ( network.

You need a route on that device.

If you can’t modify that device, consider using NAT to hide your internal addresses.

  • if you assumed, i currently have no access .. I have done NAT, and now I'm able to open the site. The website is an WebPortal of an VPN. Could it be possible, that the login isn't working because of the route back? Aug 7, 2018 at 5:10

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