Im new here.

I want to ask about the multicast,

The first case is, I have switch HP 2530 24 port with 24 10/100 and 2 100/1000 NIC, And i have servers with bandwidth video multicast around 120-125Mbps. Servers plug into 2 gigabit NIC switch and the client into 10/100 NIC. Using IGMPv2 as the default.

The problem is,

  1. When I set IGMP to mode AUTO the video is good and multicast not flooding to the client. But after 5-10 minutes the client stop receive multicast traffic.

  2. And I set IGMP to mode FORWARD, Client receive multicast trafiic and video NOT stopping after 5-10 minutes. But the problem is the client only have 10/100 NIC but multicast traffic send bandwidth around 120mbps, so when i start playing video, The video is Lagging.

Any suggestion guys? maybe have a sollution for this problem?


This is my igmp config

     IGMP Service Protocol Info

  Total VLANs with IGMP enabled                : 1
  Current count of multicast groups joined     : 1

  IGMP Filter Unknown Multicast: Enabled
  IGMP Filter Unknown Multicast Status: Enabled

  VLAN ID : 1
  IGMP version : 2
  IGMP is not enabled

  VLAN ID : 100
  VLAN Name : iptv
  IGMP version : 2
  Querier Address : Querier initial wait

  Active Group Addresses Type       Expires         Ports      Reports Queries
  ---------------------- ---------- --------------- ---------- ------- -------        Filter     0h 3m 30s       13-16      646     0

 VLAN ID : 100
  VLAN NAME : iptv
  IGMP Enabled [No] : Yes
  Querier Allowed [Yes] : Yes

  Port    Type       | Port Mode Forced Fast Leave Fast Leave
  ------- ---------- + --------- ----------------- ----------
  13      10/100TX   | Auto      No                Yes
  14      10/100TX   | Auto      No                Yes
  15      10/100TX   | Auto      No                Yes
  16      10/100TX   | Auto      No                Yes
  17      10/100TX   | Auto      No                Yes
  18      10/100TX   | Auto      No                Yes
  19      10/100TX   | Auto      No                Yes
  20      10/100TX   | Auto      No                Yes
  21      10/100TX   | Blocked   No                Yes
  22      10/100TX   | Auto      No                Yes
  23      10/100TX   | Forward   Yes               Yes
  24      10/100TX   | Auto      No                Yes
  25      1000T      | Auto      No                Yes
  26      1000T      | Auto      No                Yes
  • Did you configure the switch as a multicast querier?
    – Ron Maupin
    Commented Aug 30, 2018 at 13:50
  • i already edit my Q, probably you must to see my config, is that wrong ?
    – Zae
    Commented Aug 31, 2018 at 2:35
  • Please, never ever use images for text. Simply copy the text and paste it into your question using the Preformatted-text feature ({}).
    – Ron Maupin
    Commented Aug 31, 2018 at 2:36
  • sorry, im new contributor. thats my fault :)
    – Zae
    Commented Aug 31, 2018 at 2:43

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You need to configure the 2530 for IGMP forwarding, otherwise it'll simply flood.

For instance,

vlan 1 ip igmp

turns on IGMP forwarding for VLAN 1 and sets the switch querier to automatic mode.

Additionally, you can use the vlan x ip igmp options to disable all but one switch as querier - there must be one querier for each cast - and to limit IGMP casts to specific addresses.

EDIT: what you call config is a show ip igmp output. It does however give several hints.

Querier Address : Querier initial wait

indicates a problem with the querier - no querier, no multicast. For the switch to work as querier it requires an IP address for the VLAN.

  • Thanks a lot for your answers, sir. I will try ur instructions.
    – Zae
    Commented Sep 3, 2018 at 3:08

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