I have installed gns3 v2.1.9 with gns3 vm(oracle v5.2.18) in my Ubuntu 64bit v18.04.

I have installed 2 routers 3725 and 3745 in gns3 vm.

But if i try to save my config with

   copy running-config startup-config.

Then i am getting below errors.

Dynamips hypervisor process has stopped, return code: -11
'Ghost': generic_nvram_extract_config: Unknown error -61605
Could not send Dynamips command 'vm set_ghost_status "R1" 2' to Connection lost, process running: False

PS :Router does not starts after error.i have to replace it with new router.Moreover GNS3 vm and Gns3 is in same Network.


you can save configuration using command write memory and delete using write erase

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