I work at an office connected to a domain network.

The network is connected to an office wifi router. The router is connected to all office's PCs and devices. Some PCs are connected with cable, and some printers by wifi.

The problem is that windows 10 cannot discover PCs and printers beyond the router (Other PCs and printers beyond the router answer to pings and hostnames).

The office router is a Tenda W311R+

I asked to the network manager to get me access to all the network, but he said that "my router is probably bad configured", and offered no solution.

Should I configure the router as bridge (¿or switch?), to have access to all the printers and PCs?

I need to access all the PC and printers of the company, on both sides of the router.

These are two different connections:

  • On the first one, I plug the PC right to the wall (to the company LAN)
  • On the second one, I have the PC connected to a Wifi router, whose wan is connected to the wall

two alternatives

On the first alternative, my PC has access to all the printers and PCs on the company LAN. This is a screen capture of windows explorer:

Wall plug IPconfig

But I need to plug to the router, and it disconnects me from all the company printers and PCs.

This is a screen capture of windows explorer when I'm connected to the WiFi router. I lose access to all devices out of the office:

Wifi router enter image description here

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