I use the CoS method limited the EX3300's switch port bandwidth to 200m.

But I have a question, how to check whether it works?
Is there the Juniper Switch EX3300's switch port have a bandwidth property intuitively? or should I use a tool in the Dedicated Server for checking?


As I said in previous question, you can check that shaping is working by transfering data to target (shaped) host by either copying something (via NetBIOS, SCP/FTP, etc.) or by running simple speedtest (link). Interface statistics can be retrieved by running > show interface ge-0/0/0 extensive | match bps

Here is example. Target host interface shaped under CoS section to 50 Mbps limit.

set class-of-service interfaces ge-5/0/13 shaping-rate 50m

I'm then started speedtest on target computer to check results. Here is speed results without shaping:

After shaping applied:

Interface statistics:

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