Quick question regarding static vs dynamic allocation of IP addresses. I understand that in static IP addressing the address does not change while in dynamic addressing it could differ each time a new IP is leased. I also understand some theoretical concepts. However, I have a question regarding how static IP addresses are assigned: If we have a network, does the sysadmin/network engineer have to assign a static IP on every device on the network ? as in physically go to the device and assign a static IP OR is there a way to assign multiple static IP addresses (That do not change and remain constant for the entire time)? Thanks!

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Static IP addresses are configured locally on a host. A host can also have multiple IP addresses on an interface. How this is configured exactly depends on the host and is off-topic here.

If you want to use dynamic, centrally managed addresses but don't want them to change after lease expiration you should use DHCP with reserved addresses.

  • thank you, this is exactly what i needed to know :)
    – As tudent
    Commented Oct 7, 2018 at 21:10

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