I have Cisco Nexus 9k switch and following is my HSRP configured with vPC

interface Vlan100
  description *** Public_1 VLAN ***
  no shutdown
  mtu 9216
  no autostate
  no ip redirects
  ip address
  no ip ospf passive-interface
  ip router ospf 100 area
  hsrp 1
    priority 110

Now i want to add new public subnet on same VLAN 100 so how do i add them on same HSRP

Does following will work?

  hsrp 2
    priority 110

Anybody know full configuration how do that?


I have one LAB switch so i am trying to setup same scenario and getting this error when trying to add secondary IP, is this going to cause any issue?

N9k(config-if)# ip address secondary
Disabling IP Redirects on Vlan111 :secondary address configured.

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As long as the VIP i in the same subnet as the secondary address(s), This should work. You can verify it by typing

show hsrp

If the VIP is active, it should be working.

  • Its working!!!!!
    – Satish
    Oct 11, 2018 at 16:59

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