I am having a issue with pfsense...

I have a rule that block ping (echo requests) from the LAN network interface to a openvpn client interface (OVP1), the rule is working fine blocking the ping to the prohibited network...

For example if i start a ping in a machine to the prohibited network it is giving:

Timed out.
Timed out.
Timed out.

When i disabled the rule, obviously:

Answer from...
Answer from...
Answer from...

What i think is perfect correctly.

But then when i re-enable the block rule, the ping don't stops, except if i stop the ping on the machine before changing the rule - i tried to wait some minutes thinking pfsense was needing to reload the rules but the ping are still running. So what i am watching is that is impossible to stop a ping that is already running, even if i block all the firewall traffic in all interfaces, what i think is very unexpected for me that are using until now other firewalls like Iptables, Endian, or Cisco ASA FW - other protocols seems to do not have this issue.

I am creating the rule, as a floating rule and marking "Apply the action immediately on match.". I tried to create it in the LAN tab too but the effect was exactly the same.

On Endian FW for example i am able to stop the ping immediatily if the rule is re-enabled.

What is wrong with me?

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I get the answer on the pfsense forum :

Established states are not affected by rule changes. Kill them first via Diagnostics -> States.


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