In my CGR1240 I have set network to my router rip, but how can I check it?

If I add more networks in rip, how can I list all the networks I have added?

I can not show the router rip in the privileged mode:

Router#show router rip
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

and in the global mode, there seems have no display command:

  auto-summary         Enter Address Family command mode
  default-information  Control distribution of default information
  distance             Define an administrative distance
  exit                 Exit from routing protocol configuration mode
  network              Enable routing on an IP network
  no                   Negate a command or set its defaults
  passive-interface    Suppress routing updates on an interface
  redistribute         Redistribute information from another routing protocol
  timers               Adjust routing timers
  version              Set routing protocol version

How can I list the network I have added in router rip?

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First, you are in router configuration mode, not enable mode where you run the show commands.

Next, you can show the configuration like @aircraft explains, but if you want to see if the networks are working, you need to get into a neighbor RIP router and do show ip route to see if your routes are actually working.


You can show running-config to find the config:

Router#show running-config | begin router rip
router rip

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