I have 2 routers connected via Serial 0/0/0 both running EIGRP with an ASN of 65000, and i want to advertise and summarize the interfaces, being just my loopbacks, and set the loopbacks as passive. lastly setting the hello timer to 10 and hold to 20.

Are just show R2 commands as they are almost the same, except for the loopback address are different.

the ip address for my loopbacks on R2 are

loopback 1: /26
loopback 65: /26
loopback 129: /26
loopback 193: /26

Which i calculated to be:       10101100.00010000.00000001.00011010      10101100.00010000.00000001.01000001     10101100.00010000.00000001.10000001     10101100.00010000.00000001.11000001

// first 3 octs match so from /26 to /24 equals  correct ??

And here's my commands for R2

# router eigrp 65000
# eigrp router-id
# network
# passive-interface lo 1
# passive-interface lo 65
# passive-interface lo 129
# passive-interface lo 193
# exit
# int s0/0/0
# ip summary-address eigrp 65000
# ip hello-int eigrp 65000 10
# ip hold-time eigrp 65000 20

Is that all correct ? i don't have GNS3 and my packet tracer does not like all the commands, and i can't afford to buy either's full version :(. I shall try 7.1 tonight as i hear that can run basic eigrp.

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The configuration you have shown is correct and will work as long as EIGRP is working over your serial link

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