I have network address with two routers as shown in the picture if the address is reserved as network address and for the broadcast, how can I give the two routers interfaces addresses? there is only one address available which is enter image description here

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Welcome on this Stack Exchange. You made a small mistake in your IP subnet calculation. In, the address is the network address, and are assignable to the routers and is the broadcast address.

Please see this question and its answers for a more detailed explanation on IP subnet calculation.

  • thank you , I will , but isn't this address in the picture the network address ? I didn't write it by my self , it is already in the question topology – imad suliman Nov 8 at 20:48
  • 2
    A /30 always has 2 usable addresses. I guess .1 was shown in the picture since that's the IP address of the interface of one of those routers. – Teun Vink Nov 8 at 20:52
  • got it ! thanks alot – imad suliman Nov 8 at 21:30

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