I have a pfSense router, and I've setup a Hurricane 6in4 IPv6 tunnel by following this guide:


It all seems to be working well, AFAIK.

ipv6 test

This is setup with a single LAN in pfSense, and using RA to hand out IPv6 addresses (hopefully I'm using the right terminology here):

enter image description here

However, how do I extend this to multiple VLANs, or interfaces? Very confused here - do I simply carve up the IPv6 subnet myself, and give a small piece fo each network? Or is there a smarter way of letting pfSense/router take care of it?

  • Did you also get a /48 prefix? Normally, you get the /64 and use it as the transit to HE, and once that is working, get a /48 from HE. Some routers can do IPv6 prefix delegation, and other require you to simply assign different /64 networks from the /48 prefix. – Ron Maupin Nov 11 '18 at 22:37

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