As the title said, I do not make the difference between port-channel and etherchannel. For me they both aggregate ports in an Ethernet networks using Cisco parlance.
What subtlety do I miss ?


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"EtherChannel" or "Link Aggregation" is the particular technology that allows you to bundle several links between two devices and use them simultaneously as a single interface.

"Port-channel" is the name of this virtual interface in IOS. This is similar to, say, WiFi as a technology, and "Dot11Radio0" as the name of the interface, or ISDN as a technology, and BRI as an interface name.

There can be similarities in the actual command used on Cisco IOS or Nexus NX-OS to show a summarized list of Port-channels, for instance, on IOS the command is:

show etherchannel summary

Where on NX-OS, the command is:

show port-channel summary

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