I need to link two HP switch with multiple port for throughput purpose. they are different models but same generation.

I could use either trunk 37-40 trk1 lacp or otherwise trunk 37-40 trk1 trunk on both side. both config works, I understand it will use lacp or not but what is the difference in performance or throughput or whatever ? is one more performing than the other ?

I may need LACP between servers and workstations, but do I need LACP between switches ?

thanks for your advice.

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LACP is a protocol where both side negotiate the trunk - if either side doesn't use LACP both (all) links will stay separate. STP may step in and prevent a bridge loop.

A static trunk uses no protocol. Once the links are up they are regarded as being trunked, whether or not the other side is set up in the same way.

It's a good idea to use LACP whenever possible to avoid misconfiguration. There is no difference in performance or such.

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