I am detail-planning the roll out of IPv6 in our company. Right now I am stuck with IPv6 RA on our HPE/Aruba Access Switches. I cannot find any documentation how to set the Recursive DNS Server (RDNSS) and DNS Search List (DNSSL) values in the RA.

I expected a command like ipv6 nd ra rdnss <ip6-of-rdnss>, but there's nothing like that.

The "HPE ArubaOS-Switch IPv6 Configuration Guide" only has the following information concerning this:

DNS options are included by default in every emitted RA unless the inclusion is suppressed via CLI commands or the SNMP MIB.

So my question is: how do I configure the RDNSS/DNSSL values in my RAs?

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As it turns out this cannot be configured in a sane manner. Both values are taken from the configuration of the DNS resolver and search-list for the management plane of the switch.

This implies that you cannot set different values on different interfaces and you cannot set different values for your management network.

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