In the Cisco Packet Tracer:

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there are a list Routers, you can see such as 4321, 1941 and so on.

but I tried everyone, there is no one have a module with multi router ports.

there are switching ports, serial ports. or other indifferent module, there is no a router port module.

enter image description here

Who know how to get a module with the Router ports? I want to have a router with more router ports.


My Cisco Packet Tracer version is 7.2.

  • Here Jonathanjo proposed a solution on how to use L2 interfaces, creating SVI for routing (L3) purposes. Nov 15, 2018 at 12:42

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According to the documentation Packet Tracer 7.1.1 there are a couple of possibilities, including 2621 + two WIC-1ENET or one NM-2FE2W:

Cisco 2621XM

The Cisco 2621XM Multiservice Router provides a one-network module slot platform with two fixed 10/100 (100BASE-TX) Ethernet ports, two integrated WAN Interface Card (WIC) slots, and one Advanced Integration Module (AIM) slot.

NM-2FE2W The NM-2FE2W Module provides two Fast-Ethernet interfaces for use with copper media, in addition to two Wan Interface Card expansion slots. Ideal for a wide range of LAN applications, the Fast Ethernet network modules support many internetworking features and standards.

WIC-1ENET The WIC-1ENET is a single-port 10 Mbps Ethernet interface card, for use with 10BASE-T Ethernet LANs.

What version of Packet Tracer do you have?

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