Is it possible to connect a Cisco switch from ethernet to the console port with the cable linked here? https://www.amazon.co.uk/StarTech-com-Cisco-Console-Rollover-Cable/dp/B004Z9YG5W

If not, when do you use this cable?

I'm am trying to reset a bunch of switches with unknown config to their factory defaults. Or do you have to a serial version?


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No, this "light blue rollover cable" is for connecting one Cisco-type RS-232 device to another. Most usually, one device was a PC serial port, with a great adaptor (9-pin female D-type to 8-pin female RJ-45), and the other is a Cisco console.

Given that most computers now don't have serial ports, you normally get a USB serial with a light blue cable on it. (search for "USB Cisco console cable" .. it will be a USB-A plug at one end which goes into your laptop, and a RJ-45 plug at the other, which goes into the console socket of the switch. Inside the cable is a USB-connected serial port, which shows up as /dev/ttyUSB9 in Unix and COM9 in Windows. (Your 9 will vary.)

Although it's possible to find ethernet to serial adaptors, they are unusual and somewhat complex.

The USB version will be the cheapest and simplest solution.

NB: Do check the console port socket on the switches. Some are not the familiar Cisco console RJ-45, it depends on the exact switch model.

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