Hi I am facing error in juniper switch( Model: ex4200-48t ,Junos: 15.1R6.7). I deploy monitoring software and in monitoring software are generating alarm(error) of juniper switch ports errors

WARN *- [DL380-RU-9] (up) MAC: b0:c6:9a:d7:0a:97, 1 Gbit/s (wrong speed, expected: 100 Mbit/s)WARN, in: 116.49 B/s(0.0%), out: 1010.52 B/s(0.0%)+*  

CRIT *- [Shahid FDITelecom - 01 - RU12] (up) MAC: b0:c6:9a:d7:0a:83, 1 Gbit/s, in: 161.33 kB/s(0.1%), out: 312.26 kB/s(0.3%), out-errors: 0.30%CRIT = 0.1%* . 

Here I put the two different switch ports error also in SNMP ports having error same like. can you explain me how I can troubleshoot and resolve it?

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    You can see from the first message that you have a speed mismatch on your port. – Ron Trunk Dec 5 at 13:28
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    please post the output of show interfaces ge-0/0/x extensive for both ports – Benjamin Dale Dec 5 at 23:32

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