PROBLEM: The servers in two clusters keep losing heartbeat connectivity with each other thus causing database outages. Outages are brief but disruptive.


  • There are two clusters of three servers each.
  • Each server has one NIC connected to a single Layer 2 switch (Catalyst 2950) with the switch ports hard-coded at 100Mb/full-duplex.
  • The DBAs confirm that each heartbeat NIC is hard-coded to 100Mb/full-duplex.
  • There are two clusters configured in VLAN 100 and in the same subnet (
  • The management IP address is on a separate subnet ( and it's switch port is in VLAN 1.


  • I see an ever-increasing error count on the switch ports. For the three servers in one cluster the input errors (all CRC) are about 3% of total input packets. There are no output errors. The other cluster is at about 6% of total input packets.
  • Transmit and receive load on the switch ports is light, under 20/255 on txload and rxload.
  • The switch log shows the switch ports bouncing:

    May 16 11:15:31 PDT: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface FastEthernet0/13, changed state to down
    May 16 11:15:32 PDT: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface FastEthernet0/13, changed state to down
    May 16 11:15:34 PDT: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface FastEthernet0/13, changed state to up
    May 16 11:15:35 PDT: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface FastEthernet0/13, changed state to up


  • I replaced the old Cat5 cabling between the server heartbeat NIC and the switch with new Cat6 -- no effect.
  • I created a new VLAN 200 in a new subnet ( and had the DBAs re-IP their heartbeat NICs on one cluster -- no effect.
  • We tried every combination of speed and duplex on the switch port and the NIC -- no effect, went back to 100Mb/full-duplex on both.
  • The DBAs upgraded the Broadcom drivers on both clusters to the latest -- drop in error percentage on the 6% cluster down to 4%, the other cluster is still at 3%.


  • There are Intel NICs on the servers. Try moving the cluster heartbeat to an Intel NIC. Maybe it's a Broadcom issue?
  • Change out the switch to a gig capable switch. There is a Catalayst 3560x available, but taking it will delay a project. Maybe gig on the switch port and NIC will play nicer?


Is there something I can configure on the existing 2950 switch to mitigate the errors? What additional troubleshooting steps should I take?

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CRC errors are often cabling problems. Here are the things I would check next before swapping out hardware:

  • Are the servers connected directly to the switch or do they connect through some sort of infrastructure cabling? If so, get the infrastructure cables re-certified.
  • If you have a real cable tester (not a simple continuity tester), I would test the cables.
  • If the cables are hand made, I would replace with factory made cables. Often run into these types of issues with hand made cables.
  • Check to see if there is any source of EM near where the cables run. Re-path the cables if you can even temporarily to make sure they are kept separate from power or other sources of EM.

Beyond that, I would start at the NICs as you already indicated. Could be you got some from a bad run.


I would recommend testing by moving to the Intel NIC as you have proposed. I have run into similar issues where a small percentage of the traffic was input errors. We trouble shot the problem by placing a dumb hub between server (in my case it was cameras) and the switch. If the switch no longer sees any input errors then the problem is the server NIC.

I tried many of the same steps that you have proposed. In my case it turned out to be a bad manufacturing run. The only thing that corrected the issue was replacing the NIC (cameras).


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