I have four Cumulus routers set up with a single ethernet connection from r3 -> r1 -> r2 - r4.

From r1, show ip ospf neighbor displays the following:

**Neighbor ID     Pri State           Dead Time Address         Interface            RXmtL RqstL DBsmL           1 Full/DR           38.449s        swp1:            0     0     0           1 Full/DR           38.281s        swp3:            0     0     0

Is this a valid state?

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You actually have more than one broadcast link. A DR is per broadcast (or non-broadcast) link, not per area. You can have areas with no DRs, but broadcast links will have a DR (assuming multicast, not unicast, neighbors).

In your example, R3 is the DR for the R3-to-R1 link, and R2 is the DR for the R1-to-R2 link.

  • Thanks Ron, I took a look at RFC2328 and now this concept is very clear.
    – dcrearer
    Dec 29, 2018 at 23:13

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