I dont understand what those two comands mean when im enabling ssh on Vty-line. Can someone please explaim me please whatthose comand do and why i need to use them?


login local tells the router to use the local database for authentication. You add account to the local database using the username command.

logging synchronous (not login synchronous) formats the CLI output so that when information is displayed on the console, it doesn't affect the CLI prompt. After console output is shown, the router re-displays the CLI prompt to make entering commands easier.

  • Isn't it logging synchronous? – Ron Maupin Jan 14 at 21:31
  • Um, well...yes of course. Answered without engaging brain. Thanks for the correction Ron and Mike. – Ron Trunk Jan 14 at 22:40
  • We got your back... – Ron Maupin Jan 14 at 22:41
  • I almost finished the ccna, in the meantime I'm following Pentesting courses, I noticed enough interesting protocols at the session level. I wish I could understand them as I did with cisco, but I found only generic materials. I wish I had something deeper, which could also include levels 6 and 7. Where can I find what im looking for? [cisco] [osimodel] [sessionlayer] – user52408 Jul 18 at 14:05

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