In my Juniper qfx Switch, I want to execute many commands such as bellow:

set vlans vlan77 vlan-id 77
set vlans vlan77 l3-interface irb.77
set vlans vlan78 vlan-id 78
set vlans vlan78 l3-interface irb.78
set vlans vlan79 vlan-id 79
set vlans vlan79 l3-interface irb.79

I couldn't to write one by one, because there are hundreds lines. I want to execute them in a simple and convenient way. who can help me with this?

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    One simple way is just to create a text script, and then paste it into your terminal program. – Ron Trunk Jan 18 at 14:32

The easiest way to do this is:

  1. create a file with the set statements (probably using some script)
  2. copy that file to your router
  3. use load set <filename> to execute the set of statements

More information on loading configuration files can be found in this Juniper document.

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