Consulting Ansible webpage, I found modules for Huawei CloudEngine series (ce_command, ce_config, etc). But theses modules don't work for others families like switches S5700.

So, what Ansible modules should I use to automate Huawei S5700 configuration process?


There are no device-specific modules for that device, but that device can be configured from the command line, so you can use the Ansible CLI modules:

Network modules


  • Ansible returns "Connection type ssh is not valid for this module" when using these modules. So I had to set ansible_connection variable to 'network_cli'. Once set , Ansible returns a second message: "Unable to automatically determine host network os. Please manually configure ansible_network_os value for this host". So I used 'ce' value intuitively and... It works! (Thank you @Ron). But, searching here I didn't find de CE operating system. Is CloudEngine OS going to be discontinued? – auciomar Jan 21 '19 at 15:53

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