I'm trying to use 'method-est' for enrollment on solution I'm working and whenever I start the process of 'crypto pki authenticate ' it fails. I'm not getting any sort of response whatsoever I believe because of a TLS handshake failure I'm seeing with wireshark. There is not much documentation for EST on cisco.com so I'm struggling to figure out what my next steps are. I'm using a CertAgent CA from InfoSecCorp and it has EST enabled because I can request the root cert fine when I use postman and just do a GET request.

crypto pki trustpoint RED-CA
 enrollment profile RED-CA-PROFILE
 fqdn site-ops-ie-01.domain.com
 subject-name cn=site-ops-ie-01.domain.com
 revocation-check crl
 rsakeypair SITE-OPS-IE-01.key 4096
crypto pki profile enrollment RED-CA-PROFILE
 authentication url
 enrollment url
 reenrollment url
 enrollment credential  RED-CA
 source-interface Loopback0

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