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$ cat /etc/resolv.conf
search fios-router.home

By searching on the internet, I can't find as an external IP address.

According to the following quote, is not listed in the range of internal IPs either. Book Computer Network says

The basic idea behind NAT is for the ISP to assign each home or business a single IP address (or at most, a small number of them) for Internet traffic. Within the customer network, every computer gets a unique IP address, which is used for routing intramural traffic. However, just before a packet exits the customer net- work and goes to the ISP, an address translation from the unique internal IP ad- dress to the shared public IP address takes place. This translation makes use of three ranges of IP addresses that have been declared as private. Networks may use them internally as they wish. The only rule is that no packets containing these addresses may appear on the Internet itself. The three reserved ranges are: – (16,777,216 hosts) – (1,048,576 hosts) – (65,536 hosts)

What kind of IP is


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