As a non English speaker, I'm not sure to understand this sentence : "Padding bytes are added at the end of the Packet Data Field to align the Packet Data Field to a 32-bit boundary". For me, "boundary" means something like "limit".

Does that mean that the Packet Data Field size in bits will be a multiple of 32 (with padding if needed)? Or padding will be added to the Packet Data Field if its size is lower than 32 bits, to have exactly a size of 32 bits (which is the size limit)?

Thank you!

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The "alignment to the 32-bit boundary" means that the field starts and ends at an offset that is a multiple of 32 bits: 0, 32, 64, 96, ... bits from the beginning of the packet. In this case, the data field is padded to become a multiple of 32 bits. (It's slightly ambiguous - could also mean that it just ends at a multiple of 32 bits.)

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