I have a SonicWall device, and I am new to them. I created the global vpn and, after installing the SonicWall at the customer's site, wanted to make some configuration changes. I am using the global vpn client and I get connected to the SonicWall. I get an IP address from the SonicWall but I do not know how to access the SonicWall once connected. How can I access the SonicWall? is the IP address for administrating the SonicWall, and it is also the default gateway. My own subnet is So, how does it work? Do I need to enable or disbale something, or is there another way to do it? I tried putting into Chrome to access it, and tried to ping it from my PC, but neither of those worked.

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You should be able to reach the firewall using its LAN address ( However, in order to be able to manage the SonicWall over the VPN connection, you must enable this in the VPN config:

vpn policy group-vpn "WAN GroupVPN"                    
    management https                                   

In the web interface you can find this in the advanced tab when you edit the VPN settings: SonicWall VPN settings

Firewall rules (VPN > LAN) for management should be auto-added when you do this, but be sure to check: auto-added VPN rule

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