There are a handful of examples for adding an IPv4 Router in a mininet topology.

What there are almost no examples of, is how to add an IPv6 Router in a topology.

I have read a few posts on the mininet discussion list and found 1-2 posts about using Quagga to set up an IPv6 Router on a Linux environment ( 1, 2 ). I also found this example on Mininet's GitHub repository, which demonstrates how to add an IPv4 Router to a mininet topology. There is nothing about IPv6-enabled routers.

There is a github repository, that extends Mininet, to add IPv6 functionality, yet there is minimum documentation and very few examples.

So, how can I add or configure a node on mininet, to act as an IPv6 Router?

Even if someone does not know the specific answer to this problem, pointing me towards the right solution would really help!

Thank you.

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