We have WiFi routers that control access through ACL's. We would like to use Access Points (AP) to increase the range of the WiFi routers. Does the AP pass the MAC address of the client to the router, or is it stripped at the AP? If so, what access control is provided by the AP?

  • Unfortunately, this question is too broad to answer. We need more details, For example, a good network description or diagram, the network device models, and the network device configuration, along with your proposed WAPs, – Ron Maupin Feb 27 at 0:25
  • Sorry, that was a question regarding AP's in general. We use Asus RT-N12HP-B1 routers, but are researching on AP's. Basic description of the network is: building of 6 storeys, each floor with its own WiFi router. These feed two FO routers. Issue is that the router sits behind a lift shaft and a corridor that leads away from the other side of the shaft gets a very poor signal. BTW, thanks for the quick response. – Pferdlkranz Feb 27 at 0:31
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    An access point is a transparent bridge. (think of it like a switch) – Ricky Beam Feb 27 at 0:34
  • Depending on how you have everything configured can change everything. You are using consumer-grade devices that are off-topic here. A business should use WAPs, not consumer-grade routers, and the best way to do authentication is with 802.1X. You can place WAPs anywhere you can run a cable. You could also use a WLC to manage all the WAPs. – Ron Maupin Feb 27 at 0:35

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