I have the following device and configuration:

Model: ex4300-32f

Junos: 17.3R3-S3.3

show configuration groups

snmp {
client-list MANAGERS {;
community TEST-COMMUNITY {
authorization read-only;
client-list-name MANAGERS;
trap-options {
trap-group TEST-COMMUNITY {
version v2;

targets {;

show configuration apply-groups

## Last changed: 2019-02-28 09:36:59 UTC
apply-groups GLOBAL-SNMP;

# show switch-options

interface ge-0/0/31.0 {
interface-mac-limit {
packet-action shutdown;
interface-shutdown-action hard-shutdown;

When MAC limit exceeded, the switch does send linkDown SNMP trap and I succesfully receive it. I expect from the switch to send the jnxSecAccessIfMacLimitExceeded (. SNMP trap as well. But I got only syslog messages:

L2ALD_MAC_LIMIT_REACHED_IF: Limit on learned MAC addresses reached for ge-0/0/31.0; current count is 24 
L2ALD_MAC_LIMIT_EXCEEDED_BLOCK: Limit on learned MAC addresses exceeded for ge-0/0/31.0; current count is 24 SHUTTING THE INTERFACE

I can use the raise-trap, but I think I have missed something and the switch can do it more "natively".

How should I configure EX4300 to send the SNMP trap regarding MAC limit exceed ?

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