I'm learning about FDM and TDM. And I got the idea that we can use frequency division and time division at the same time, i.e. using TDM for each frequency band. Is it possible? It seems certainly possible but it's never mentioned in the textbook, so I'm confused.

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    From a purely theoretical perspective (which is off-topic), I suppose it would be possible, but why would you want to? The level of complexity to do so would be expensive. FDM and TDM can certainly co-exist -- and many operators already do this (eg. DOCSIS ATDM, QAM, and OFDM on the same cable) – Ricky Beam Mar 4 at 16:52
  • @RickyBeam You should log this as answer, it's as close as we can get. – Zac67 Mar 4 at 17:43

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