I have two co-operate buildings. Building A is connected to building B via frame relay. Building A has the main switch server (with VLAN info) and a DHCP server. I need Building B devices to receive DHCP IP addresses and client switches to update trunks on VLANs from the server switch. How do I do this over frame relay? Using Cisco Packet Tracer.

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    Hello and welcome. You don't say what kind of addressing scheme you're using, nor whether you have any routers. To get DHCP requests from B to server at A, the usual way is with ip helper-address DHCPSERVERADDR on B's router's LAN interface, but that presumes several things about routing and addressing. – jonathanjo Mar 21 at 10:22
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    We need to see a diagram of your network as well as relevant device configurations. Most of us here don't have Packet Tracer. – Ron Trunk Mar 21 at 12:19
  • Hello! my setup is DHCP server --> server switch --> edge router A --> Frame Relay --> edge router B --> client switch --> PC DHCP have several pool of net work broadcasting ip on 5 different vlans. I tried using ip helper-address. If i manually put IP on PC in Building B, i can ping all devices including DHCP server in Building A – Orc Man Mar 21 at 13:31
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