I'm using a HP Procurve switch (e.g. pc2910 pc2510 pc5510)

Is there a command similar to Cisco's "dir all" on a HP Procurve switch ?

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Comware switches (former 3Com aka H3C) seem to support dir but Provision ones don't.

You can check your firmware versions/files by running show flash.

Configuration files are displayed by show config files.


In diagnostic mode you can use llShow or fs ll to display the files in cflash, NV mem and RAM. View file contents by fs cat <file>

llshow cf
llshow nvfs
llshow ram
fs cat cfa0/boot.ini

(and possibly more, depending on the model)

Beware of playing around in diagnostic mode. Heed the warning that is displayed when entering it - you can change settings that void your warranty or brick the switch permanently.

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