I've just bought a 750-377 wago fieldbus coupler and I'm trying to assign an IP address to it through an ethernet cable that goes from the device to my computer. Is there any way to do that or do I require a wago specific cable?

I was trying to access the coupler by giving it a name with the dip-switches and converting the MAC address to an IP address to access via WBM, but got to nowhere. I've also tried BootP server but the device just won't show up...

So to make it clear, I'm asking if there's an alternative way to set the IP since it's not too clear for me after reading the manual for wago 377-750. It says something about a DCP service tool but I'm unable to find that software.

Thanks in advance!

  • As far as I know, those devices require a proprietary cable. – Ron Maupin Mar 27 at 12:46

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