I have the 'no shut' command entered on both interfaces. They work when I enter the command. I copy run start 'wr'

Power was cycled for the Router, Switch (3560x-24), Cable modem and AP. They were done at the same time, all same power circuit, (bad, I know) But is it because the switch takes a longer time to boot than the router?

The switchport and modem that connect to the 1921 (Gi0/0 & Gi0/1) ports are on and functioning. The switchport is in an enabled state. Cable modem is provided by ISP.

Do I turn the router on lastly ? I will try it, and want to know if anyone knows this to be true.

  • Do the interfaces come up after the switch boots completely? – Ron Trunk Mar 29 at 18:48
  • No, I had to manually "no shut" them after the system was up for a while. – Mike Mongillo Mar 29 at 19:31
  • 2
    It sounds like you didn’t save the “no shut” configuration. When the router boots up, are the interfaces “down” or “admin down”? – Ron Trunk Mar 29 at 21:44

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