While I was troubleshooting a DNS issue on my subnet, I noticed the Local (L) and Connected (C) has different values. I configured the network to use has the mask but I noticed a Is this normal? if not how can I change it to the appropriate. please see the info below. Thanks in advance.

Gateway of last resort is to network

S* [1/0] via, outside
C is directly connected, Management
L is directly connected, Management
C is directly connected, outside
L is directly connected, outside
C is directly connected, inside
L is directly connected, inside
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The L route is the local address assigned to the interface, and the C route is the network attached to the interface. That is completely normal (beyond a certain device code version) for interfaces that have smaller masks configured on them. If you configure an interface, e.g. a loopback, with a /32 address, then you will not see a separate L entry for that interface, but if you configured an interface with a shorter mask, then you will see both.

There are several questions and answer here that explore this. For example, this question and answer.

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