Every time a question comes up on a test about secure protocols they will always have something like 'FTPS' and 'SFTP' on the same question.

Since the 'S' stands for the same thing in all cases, why is it placed in different spots? It just ends in confusion and me loosing points even though I know the answer.

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    Unfortunately, this question is off-topic here as, "historical trivia that does not allow for a concise and non-subjective answer or is trivial/irrelevant to modern networking." Basically, different people created the different protocols, and they named them how they wanted to name them. – Ron Maupin Apr 3 at 13:22
  • Most of the time, a suffix S means over SSL/TLS while a prefix S is an entirely separate protocol. – Zac67 Apr 3 at 16:50
  • Putting S in front of HTTP made everyone giggle in the committee meeting so it was moved to the end. – fundagain Apr 3 at 22:33

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