I have a trace file and I used tshark to find out the number of duplicate ACKs, with the following command:

tshark -r file.pcap -T fields -e frame.number -e tcp.analysis.duplicate_ack

After some packet in the trace file (when I started having duplicate ACKs) I get something like:

6289    1,1
6291    1,1
6293    1,1
6295    1,1
6297    1,1
6299    1,1

Based on the tshark's man page, the , is used for:

-E <field print option>

   "other options"       

   aggregator=,|/s|<character> Set the aggregator character to use 
   for fields that have multiple occurrences. If , a comma will be
   used (this is the default), if /s, a single space will be used. 
   Otherwise any character that can be accepted by the command line 
   as part of the option may be used.

I currently don't understand why do I get two (comma-separated) numbers, an what do they mean. How is it possible to have multiple occurrences?

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