A network engineer showed me the show vlan output of an HP switch. I know tagged ports are trunk and untagged ports are access in Cisco terms. But can anyone explain the "no untagged port"? How is this used in real environments?

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It means the "tagged" port does not also allow untagged frames. In the Cisco world, this is equivalent to having no native VLAN.


As a configuration command, no vlan xy untagged n (or just no untagged n when you're in the vlan xy context) removes the VLAN xy as untagged from port n - so there's no untagged/native VLAN.

In Cisco speak that would be a trunk port without a native VLAN. In contrast to Cisco, on HPE switches you simply assign a VLAN as tagged or untagged to a port (with zero or one untagged VLAN per port). VLAN membership can also be learned dynamically if configured.

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