I'm experiencing trouble trying to connect to Google. This is the case both through any web browser, and ping from Command Prompt. The trouble is limited to:

  • Laptop devices but not Mobiles
  • my home wifi, not other networks
  • mail.google.com and translate.google.com and not other google services or countries.

Here is a table of my attempts, where the columns are the following:

  1. Work Windows Laptop on home WiFi
  2. Personal Windows Laptop on home WiFi
  3. Mobile on home WiFi
  4. Mobile on 4G
  5. Personal Laptop hotspotting onto Mobile's 4G
  6. Personal Laptop on home WiFi with VPN to different country
    | SITE                      |1|2|3|4|5|6|
    | google.com                |y|y|y|y|y|y|
    | translate.google.com      |N|N|y|y|y|y|
    | translate.google.de       |y|y|y|y|y|y|
    | mail.google.com           |N|N|y|y|y|y|
    | chrome.google.com         |N|N|y|y|y|y|
    | docs.google.com           |y|y|y|y|y|y|
    | hangouts.google.com       |y|y|y|y|y|y|
    | drive.google.com          |y|y|y|y|y|y|
    | calendar.google.com       |y|y|y|y|y|y|

What could be causing this behaviour?

My best guess so far is that I suppose I have some software installed on both laptops which has attempted to call these two services too often, and my ip address has been blocked by google...

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