I my heap-up EX4300 Switch, I set the system login user admin, and a plain-text password, this is my configuration:

{master:0}[edit system]                                                         
admin@Z301HJ# show                                                            
host-name Z301HJ;                                                             
time-zone Asia/Shanghai;                                                        
root-authentication {                                                           
    encrypted-password "$1$vym9g./n$NgsHk3vSl8HN910vxo.kB0"; ## SECRET-DATA     
login {                                                                         
    user admin {                                                                
        uid 2002;                                                               
        class super-user;                                                       
        authentication {                                                        
            encrypted-password "$1$frWRv27v$UlDqxTxnrsj.ETqLhst8Y1"; ## SECRET-D
services {                                                                      

the heap-up irb.2 address is, and I can ping it, but I can not login to it with my set user(admin/my-password).

Who can tell me why it can not login?

I am very sure the my type-in password is right.

the client login output is bellow:

Z301HJ (ttyp1)                                                               

login: admin                                                                    
Login incorrect                                                                 
  • Your logs should be able to tell you why you can't login, what do they say? – Teun Vink Apr 18 at 15:32
  • It seems like a bug [KB32879], or just a password is incorrect. Can you create and test another user? – Roger Sanghee Gold Apr 19 at 2:30

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