I created a VIP and am having trouble connecting this VIP to an IPv4 Policy. When I put it into the destination I get an error: "Failed to save some changes: Entry not found." I am trying to create a NAT policy.

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With Fortigates, Virtual IP is used for destination NAT. NAT is used for source NATing which you probably don't want as well.

Basically, don't activate NAT in the policy and use the VIP (or VIP group) as destination.

If that doesn't work we'd need the (sanitized) config or GUI screenshots of the VIP and policy settings.


In fortigate firewall in vip configuration public ip is mapped with private ip and this vip

Example below

Inbound traffic policy

Source interface : outside interface Source address : Any Destination interface : inside interface Destination address :Vip Ports: Security profiles:on This vip we are doing destination nat

It should work if you are getting error means .. please share screen shot

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