I have configured my wifi network with a freeradius server using EAP-TLS with a different certificate per device.

I am currently using DHCP pool for each VLAN/subnet in my Cisco router/switch. I'd like to allocate an IP per device/certificate.

Since a certificate has less probability than a mac address to be spoofed, I wondered if it was possible to link the certificate with an IP address.

I'm currently defining reservation based on the mac address.

  • Is it possible? How?
    • The users file isn't used with EAP-TLS, everything is done via client certificate creation using openssl.

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IP addresses are assigned by a DHCP server. Simply add reservations based on MAC addresses to your DHCP server.

  • Somehow radius could have been linked to the DHCP server.. but no other way than mac address, Roger! Thanks!
    – None
    Commented May 12, 2019 at 22:08

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