I'm attempting to test udp hole punching. Right now I'm simply testing how my computer reacts behind a router.

If I send a udp packet from my computer to a server, it can reply back on the same port no problem.

However if I send the packet first from the server. It never gets through. Which I expect. Ok so then the home computer sends the packet to the server and the server sends a reply. It still doens't get through.

What type of NAT does that? And can udp hole punching defeat this type of NAT?

I'm sorry if what I say doesn't make sense. I'm a software engineer and my network knowledge is limited.

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    Depending on your device and its capabilities, some devices (like Cisco ASAs) allow a NAT statement to have a flag enabled called unidirectional, which means the NAT will only work in the direction which you applied it, not both directions (the normal functionality of a NAT). – Jesse P. Jun 11 at 15:09

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