I am with background of DevOps and to optimize stuff in office i am assigned a networking task with not much experience of networking.

My scenario is like below

I have two moxa (EDR-810) routers with following LAN Configurations

Moxa 1:

Moxa 2:

So each have almost 14 IPs, Now i want to connect each other so device on Moxa1 can ping to devices on Moxa 2.

Please guide me how i can achieve it? 1- Use Network Cable(RJ45) or Fiber Cable? These Moxas has G1 and G2 ports too. 2- Do i have to add some routes/rules?

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Not Moxa-specific but generally:

  1. connect the routers any which way so that they share an IP subnet - via direct link, tunnnel, ...
  2. make sure each router knows the subnet(s) behind the other router by setting up either static routes or a routing protocol in between (OSPF, RIP, ...)
  3. if a router is working as a firewall you might need rules to permit traffic each way
  4. direct your clients to use their local router as gateway, either as default gateway (possibly via DHCP) or with a static or dynamic route

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