This image is a simple network consisting of 2 private networks connected over 1 public network

If anyone can help with configurations it will be helpful

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    – Teun Vink
    Jun 13 '19 at 6:38
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The best and possible option are

  1. connect two networks with point to point leased line and Configure static route on both sites

  2. connect two networks with ISP can configure IPsec site -Site tunnel to smoothly exchange traffic between two sites .

3 ) connect two networks with ISP can configure ipsec- GRE tunnel .

Even natting can be done at both ends to access resource of from

Destination natting should be configured at server hosted sites . And PAT need to be configured on subnet end

So with destination natted public ip address servers resources can be access from subnet network.


If you want transparent access both ways you need to avoid NAT and set up a tunnel to connect the networks, preferably a VPN connection. Make sure each side knows the networks/routes for the other side.


As Zac67 said, a tunnel suits your use case better. Here is an example with GRE on your router1:

 interface tunnel0
   tunnel source
   tunnel destination
   ip address
   no shutdown
 ip route tunnel 0

Remember that GRE does not provides encryption. You can use IPsec for that purpose.

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