I am working on a task that involves deploying a new network in parallel to the existing network. As a part of this deployment we are going to cross connect the two networks so that it will allow for a staged migration with the least amount of impact.

The existing network is running sparse-dense based multicast. In the new environment we have configured sparse mode with an anycast RP which should be the preferred type of deployment for this type of network.

We have a routed link deployed between the two networks but now I need to get the multicast part of this working.

What is the best way to cross connect these two networks? During the migration the two multicast deployments will need to be able to communicate as one network.

Thoughts? Hopefully its simple but this was a rather specific thing to try to find any information on.

  • Have you looked at MSDP? – Ron Trunk Jun 14 at 15:44

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