Trying to figure out how to perform rate limits on Juniper EX for both inet and inet6 families. Ideally I'd like a packet rate limiter to be applied before the ip type is ever looked at. Basically, I don't care whether the traffic is V6, V4, or MPLS, I want to rate limit all packets incoming to the interface.

To note, the addresses for each family are applied directly to the interface. I can't see a way to actually make this work.

The work around I've found is to convert the interface to layer-2, stick it in a vlan, create an RVI and apply all the addressing to the that. Then make the interface 'family ethernet-switching' and apply a policer there. That seems like a lot of work around to get something which, to me, should be pretty straightforward.

EX4550 running 12.3R2.5

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You are looking for the "Logical Interface (Aggregate) Policer":


Unfortunately they are only available on EX9200 (which is a castrated MX) if the information on the EX feature page is correct:


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