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We're running Cisco IOS version 15.2(2)JA1. What version of the IEEE STP is supported on the Cisco Aironet 1252AG access points? We are using the "bridge X protocol ieee" command.

bridge 1 priority 8192
bridge 1 protocol ieee
bridge 1 route ip
bridge 2 priority 8192
bridge 2 protocol ieee
bridge 3 priority 8192
bridge 3 protocol ieee
bridge 4 priority 8192
bridge 4 protocol ieee
bridge 5 priority 8192
bridge 5 protocol ieee

ap(config)#bridge 1 protocol ?
  dec          DEC protocol
  ibm          IBM protocol
  ieee         IEEE 802.1 protocol
  vlan-bridge  vlan-bridge protocol

ap(config)#bridge 1 protocol

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