I'm running an old Cisco 1751-V for years now as ISDN-SIP-Gateway. Deutsche Telekom is getting rid of ISDN more and more and lately, ISDN-VoIP config is no longer necessary on my side. Since the router handles additional duties, I deconfigured the ISDN- and VoIP-stuff with the appropriate no-command forms.

I can't do that on voice-port configurations, though:

voipgw(config)#no voice-port 0/0
% Cannot remove voice-ports this way

Q: How am I supposed to remove voice-ports?

Searching the net for the error message yields no really helpful advice. One source states that one has to remove the appropriate hardware but since I deconfigured and shut the appropriate BRI-Interfaces, I think this is not a solution applicable to remote managed devices.


voice-port refers to physical hardware, so you can't "no" it away. It has to be physically removed from the router -- if possible, or simply shut it down.

  • After erasing the startup configuration and display of running-config, the ports indeed are still existing but there's no (visible) configuration for these, now.
    – PoC
    Sep 12 '19 at 11:25

voice-port 0/0 enters the configuration context for that port. show voice port summary should show you what you can do there.

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